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Compuscan Credit Bureau
Since our establishment in 1994, our company has emerged as the first truly home-grown African Credit Bureau, committed to being a total credit management solutions provider for emerging markets. Our credit management solutions, risk information and technologies turn strategy into action and elevate business performance by giving you the power to automate more decisions, improve the quality of your decisions, and connect decisions across your business.

As a full service credit reference bureau, we collect, validate, load, verify, house and distribute consumer credit information. In addition, we provide a complete range of value adding products and services to assist you in making the best business decisions, thereby enabling you to minimise your risk and maximise your profits.

We have a proven track record and years of experience in the credit industry, plus we are a recognised market leader in developing markets. Over the years we have developed our expertise by working closely with our customers to refine systems and processes in order to develop purpose driven credit management solutions and decision-making systems. We partner with organisations and businesses around Africa to establish and strengthen customer relationships and provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

Our commitment towards our customers is evident if you look at our values, our people, our innovative technology, our quality data and our proactive partnerships.

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