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Get your ITC (TransUnion) Credit Check here.

We are the leading credit report provider in South Africa. You can instantly get your ITC Credit Report compared side by side with your Experian and XDS report in an easy to read report, giving you all the insight you need to build your credit status.

Credit Checks are usually conducted on a client, future client or employees in order for the company or lender to see what the credit history of the client looks like and if the client is creditworthy.  ITC Credit Checks play an integral part in the decisions that are made on whether to loan monies or give credit to individuals.

With the National Credit Act in place to protect the interests and rights of consumers, you are now in a position to personally check credit yourself whenever you need to, especially before you apply for credit.

As a consumer you have the right to know why your application was unsuccessful and the credit granter is obliged to tell you. We advise that you then access your Kudough Credit Report because the report holds the same information used by the credit provider when doing an ITC Credit Check.

With Kudough you will now be able to check your personal credit history from at least three different credit bureaus in South Africa. All three bureaus are reputable and have been conducting business in South Africa for a long period of time.

Should an employer require an ITC credit check on future employees, consent from you is required prior to this information being divulged by the credit bureaus. This is to protect the privacy and the rights of individuals.  You are now in a position to see exactly what the lender sees on a credit report.

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