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Status Simulator

The Kudough Status Simulator is the first of its kind. You can now see how to get the status you want by merely adjusting each element on the control panel and set your plan. Kudough will monitor your progress month on month, its the easiest way to build your status and build your Credit Power.

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The Demo Control Panel below shows you how easy it is to get the status you deserve.
Control Panel Your Plan Details
Status Simulator

A judgment is a court order which will remain on your profile for up to 5 years. With a judgment on your profile you will find it very difficult to get credit.
Current Setbacks
You have 2 judgment/s on your profile with a total value of R35,431. If you don’t get it removed (the legal guys call it rescinded), the judgment/s will remain on your profile for another 36 months.

Your Plan
Make the wise choice, take it head on, face the music and get the judgement rescinded. Choose our Credit Coach service. This is much like your credit magician, without the wand, who will help you with all your options.
Status Simulator

A Default is a notice of non-payment on one of your accounts. This gets sent to credit bureaus and impacts your credit score. A lower score means a lower chance of you getting credit and also affects the quality of credit rates you get.
Current Setbacks
You have 2 default/s on your profile with a total value of R14,000. If you don’t pay the required amount and have the defaultas removed the judgment/s will remain on your profile for another 13 months.

Your Plan
Its money worth parting from. Rather pay your account and get the default removed. What if the amount is wrong or you have actually paid? Get the the power of our Credit Coach on your side. Haven’t signed up for it yet?
Payment History
Pay accounts on-time
Status Simulator

Your payment history is not quite an oil painting? A bad payment history affects your credit status and may mean that the interest rates you get are higher than normal. In order to improve this you will need to make sure that each month you pay your accounts in full so that there are no more slip ups.
Current Setbacks
You have 6 account/s which reflect/s overdue payments. The most recent was 2011-10-01 and reflects 6 months overdue.

Your Plan
Choosing to pay your accounts in full and on time. Make sure that you have enough money in the bank for any debit order. After 6 months you will be back on track with a top credit status.
Debt Utilisation
Status Simulator

Debt Utilisation is the amount of credit you use versus the amount you have available. If you use a high portion of your available credit, your Debt Utilisation will be high. This is one time where high is not a good things as the higher your Debt Utilisation the lower you chances of getting good credit rates is. A high Debt Utilisation may also mean that you can’t get credit at all.
Current Utilisation
Your debt utilisation as reported to the credit bureaus is 88%

Your Plan
Choosing to decrease your debt utilisation to 52% and you’ll be smiling in a year from now.
Disposable Income
Status Simulator

According to your debt assessment, this is the amount of money you have left over after all monthly expenses. The higher this amount is the more free cash you have at the end of the month to save or invest.
Current Affordability
You currently have R100 available after all expenses have been paid at the end of the month. Use this money to pay off debts faster or invest it for the future.

Your Plan
Excellent choice, you have chosen to increase your disposable income to R300 each month. That’s a smart move, you’ll soon see how much more you have tomorrow by taking care of your money today.


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