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Your debt is the money you owe to creditors. Debt is not nessesarily a bad thing to have as most people need to make certain leaps in their life to move to the next level, but some also forget that managing debt is important and end up over extending themselves.

Do you feel like you are just paying off debt and never seem to have any money left over for yourself?
Don't be tempted to ignore the problem and hope it just goes away - it won't! The sooner you decide to take debt on and begin rectifying issues, the easier it is to remove the pressures of being in debt. Always remember a journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step.

Over-indebtedness occurs when you are unable to pay your debt obligations which can result in a poor Kudough Status and your ability to access credit in the future. When it gets really out of control it can lead to the repossession of your car or house and become emotionally overwhelming.

Why not do a mini debt assessment now, its free and will give you great insight to managing your debt better, or

Following the tips in your Kudough report and using the budgeting tool will help you manage your debt better


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