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To help you know all that there is about your credit status we created the Kudough Credit Power Status.

The Kudough Credit Power Status is Kudoughs measure of your credit worthiness and the structure of your credit profile. Your Kudough Credit Power Status is a ranking which plots you from A+ (Excellent) to an F (Poor) which will help you understand and manage your creditworthiness. The Status is created by combining your Credit Power Balance, Credit Power Score and Credit Power Activity. With this information you are able to construct a round view of your credit profile

Improving your credit status or maintaining and protecting a good status is imperative. Your Kudough journey is a virtual representation of your monthly progress (Kudough Status). Your credit worthiness may improve or get worse over time depending on your credit activities and if you have kept up to date with your account payments. This will give you an indication on how you are doing since your last Kudough Status Report.

Why not try our Status Simulator and learn how to build your Status NOW.

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