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There’s no better place than Kudough to get everything you need to build a powerful credit reputation. Think we’re exaggerating?

Kudough has never been about just providing you with the most comprehensive, insightful 3 bureau credit report, or a system like no other to help build your Credit Power.

Our credit super minds (actually a seriously powerful computer) create meaning out of all the numbers and now bring you 4 new products to add to your cart to give you the boost and protection you need.

Here's a quick view of what you can get

Kudough Credit Report

If a report was a window, we’d be the 360 degree panoramic view from the highest building in the land. Your Kudough Credit Report will satisfy your thirst for information across TransUnion (ITC), XDS, Compuscan / Experian,credit, debt, account activity and even your identity theft risk. ...See more here

Identity Theft Protection

Want to be your own super-hero, without the cape and tights? Prevent an identity thief by simply getting Identity Theft Protection. If ID theft does occur we’ll cover you for up to R30,000.00. Imagine if Superman gave you insurance....See more here

Credit Coach

Your Credit Coach is the ultimate master of credit and has a powerful ability to help you improve your status and get you all the benefits from good credit. ...See more here

Debt Counselling

Feeling a little lost in the world of credit and debt and need a helping hand? In tough times Debt Counselling is a breath of fresh air...See more here

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