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Kudough offers Identity Protection on steroids for as little as R20.00 per month. This id theft crime-fighter analyses your data with the Identity Risk Manager and Insurers you against any losses for the ultimate in identity theft protection.

We'll send you alerts and notifications of changes on or access to your credit record. And if identity theft does occur, Kudough Identity Theft Insurance could come to the rescue with up to R30 000 cover to restore your identity and your credit status.

Identity theft is the prevalent credit fraud crime in the world. Without Identity protection many a person has not realized what has occurred until it is far too late. The criminals generally abuse the stolen credit identity over a period of 6 to 9 months, before the victim comes to the realization that their financial vehicle has been taken for a destructive joy ride.

The length of time between when the victim's credit identity is first stolen, and abused, and when they find out what has been occurring is the determining factor in the amount of damage done. Kudough's Identity Protection, with its threat level monitor, prompt alerts and notifications, seeks to protect you from the financial havoc that identity theft leaves behind.

Protect your identity and credit status with Kudough's Identity Protection today.
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