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The headings of the clauses in this agreement are for the purpose of convenience and reference only and shall not be used in the interpretation of nor modify nor amplify the terms of this agreement nor any clause hereof. Unless a contrary intention clearly appears–

1.1. words importing-

1.1.1. any one gender includes the other two genders;

1.1.2. the singular includes the plural and vice versa; and

1.1.3. natural persons include individuals with a valid RSA identity number

1.2. the following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder and cognate expressions shall have corresponding meanings, namely–

1.2.1. Commencement Date” – means the date from which the Subscriber’s product or service becomes effective and shall be deemed to be the date on which the Fee/s is receipted by KUDOUGH or its appointed agent;

1.2.2. Confidential Information” – all proprietary and confidential information including, without limitation, all IP, technical information, business information, sales information, product sales plans, marketing and advertising methodologies and strategies, inventions, developments, discoveries, know-how, methods, techniques, formulae, data, processes and other trade secrets and proprietary ideas, whether or not patentable or copyrightable, which may be developed, delivered or communicated by KUDOUGH to the Subscriber from time to time pursuant to this Agreement. Information disclosed in tangible or electronic form may be identified as confidential with conspicuous markings, or otherwise identified with a legend as being confidential, but in no event shall the absence of such a mark or legend preclude disclosed information from being treated as Confidential Information;

1.2.3. Direct Marketing” – means promoting and concluding the sale of the KUDOUGH Service, by way of direct mail, electronic mail, internet, media insert, telephone, SMS etc.

1.2.4. Effective Date” – means the date on which the Subscriber enters into this Agreement;

1.2.5. Force Majeure Event” – any event beyond the reasonable control of KUDOUGH including without limitation, acts of God, war (whether declared or not) , riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, accidents, service outages resulting from equipment and/or software failure and/or telecommunications failure, network failures, failures of third party service providers (including providers of internet services and telecommunications),any act of terrorism, strikes affecting people other than the employees of that Party,, power outages, , any court order, any requirements of any authority or other competent local authority, and any governmental legislative or administrative action;

1.2.6. KUDOUGH” – means Kudough Credit Solutions (Proprietary) Limited (registration number 1998/002263/07), a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa;

1.2.7. KUDOUGH Service” – means the product purchased by the Subscriber more fully described in Annexure “A” attached hereto;

1.2.8. Parties” – KUDOUGH and the Subscriber, and the term “Party” shall be construed as a reference to either of them as the context may require;

1.2.9. Personal and Confidential Information” – means all information in respect of the Subscriber, required by KUDOUGH to conclude this Agreement, which includes but shall not be limited to – identity related information (e.g. names, identity number; passport number etc.); contact information (e.g. residential and work physical and postal addresses; cellphone, home and work telephone numbers; email addresses etc.); demographic information (e.g. age; gender etc.); and banking information (e.g. bank account; credit card number etc.);

1.2.10. Subscription” – means the agreement, entitling the Subscriber to access the KUDOUGH Service;

1.2.11. Subscription Fee/s” – the fee due by a Subscriber, in accordance with clause 5 and Annexure “A”, to KUDOUGH in consideration for being eligible to access the KUDOUGH Service;

1.2.12 “the/this Agreement” – means the Subscriber Terms and Conditions set out herein including Annexure “A”;

1.2.12. the Subscriber/s” – means a natural person, authorized under the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, to access and utilize the KUDOUGH Service and who’s Fees are paid and up to date;

1.3. the Website” – means the KUDOUGH website located on the URL:

1.4. “kudough user profile” – means a unique user registry which consists of personal information and a username and password which gives access to the Kudough system, products and services bought from time to time.

1.5. where any term is defined within the context of any particular clause in this Agreement, the term so defined, unless it is clear from the clause in question that the term so defined has limited application to the relevant clause, shall bear the meaning ascribed to it for all purposes in terms of this Agreement, notwithstanding that that term has not been defined in this interpretation clause;

1.6. the expiration or termination of this Agreement shall not affect any of the provisions of this Agreement as expressly provide that they will operate after any such expiration or termination or which of necessity must continue to have effect after such expiration or termination, notwithstanding that the clauses themselves do not expressly provide for this

1.7. the rule of construction, that a contract shall be interpreted against the party responsible for the drafting or preparation of the contract, shall not apply;


2.1. This Agreement shall commence on the Commencement Date and be in force for the duration as set out in Annexure “A” for the product purchased or while the Subscriber has an active Kudough user profile. Notwithstanding the Effective Date, the Subscriber shall only be eligible to access the KUDOUGH Service, in terms of this Agreement, from the Commencement Date.

2.2. Notwithstanding clause 2.1 in the event of an annual Subscriber the Agreement will continue for a period of 12(Twelve) months where after it will expire. The Subscriber must give written notice of renewal of their subscription at the end of the 12 (twelve) month period which may be subject to new terms and conditions.

2.3. If the Subscriber elects to take the Insurance Policy available in this product then he may cancel such policy in writing within a period of 30 (thirty) days calculated from the effective date

2.4 Once the Subscriber has accepted these terms and conditions and KUDOUGH has retrieved credit profile of the Subscriber, the Subscriber will not be entitled to a refund of the fees he has paid


3.1. The legal relationship between KUDOUGH and the Subscriber shall be subject to these Transaction Terms and Conditions.

3.2. KUDOUGH, shall conclude a legally binding and enforceable contract with the Subscriber, on these Terms and Conditions, through Direct Marketing.

3.3. In order to conclude a contract and activate the Subscription, KUDOUGH requires the prospective Subscriber to furnish KUDOUGH, with their Personal and Confidential Information. The Subscriber hereby consents to KUDOUGH receiving their Personal and Confidential Information and KUDOUGH processing the Subscriber’s information in the ordinary course of its business.


4.1. The Subscriber, and no other person acting on its behalf, shall be entitled to unrestricted access and utilization of KUDOUGH Service.

4.2. Each service offering shall be rendered to the Subscriber, in the form and manner described in Annexure “A” and is subject to change at the sole discretion of KUDOUGH.

4.3. The Subscriber undertakes to use the KUDOUGH Service only for the purpose intended.

4.4. The Subscriber acknowledges that the services are supplied to it for information purposes only for the consumer and that any action taken by the Subscriber pursuant to the services being rendered by KUDOUGH is taken at the sole risk of the Subscriber.

4.5. The Subscriber acknowledges that in rendering the services, KUDOUGH shall be divulging its Confidential Information and IP (“KUDOUGH Information”) to the Subscriber. The Subscriber therefore irrevocable undertakes in favour of KUDOUGH, that it shall not –

4.5.1. publish or otherwise reproduce, repackage, modify, adapt, disseminate any KUDOUGH Information, in whole or in part;

4.5.2. transmit, transfer, distribute, re-distribute, copy, sell, re-sell, lease, rent, license, sub-license any KUDOUGH Information, in whole or in part to any third party;

4.5.3. allow any third party to link to the KUDOUGH Information, in whole or in part in any way whatsoever;

4.5.4. store the KUDOUGH Information in whole or in part for subsequent use after termination of this Agreement; and/or

4.5.5. use the KUDOUGH Information, in whole or in part, in any form or manner or by any means whatsoever without KUDOUGH’s express prior written consent.

4.6. Should the Subscriber’s use of the KUDOUGH Service breach the provisions of clause 4.5 then, KUDOUGH is entitled, without prejudice to any other rights in terms of clause 10, and without notice to the Subscriber, to suspend the Subscriber’s use of the KUDOUGH Service. The Subscriber shall

4.6.1 remain liable for the payment of all Subscription Fees, notwithstanding the suspension of the services; and not be entitled to any refund of Subscription Fees already paid


5.1. There are various methods of payments:
5.1.1 Credit Card

5.1.2 Debit Order

5.1.3 Voucher

5.1.4 Electronic Funds Transfer

5.2. In consideration for the provision of the KUDOUGH Service to the Subscriber by KUDOUGH, the Subscriber undertakes to pay KUDOUGH the Fees as set out in Annexure “A” for the products/s purchased.

5.3. In the case of monthly Subscription Fees, the Subscriber shall pursuant to the Effective Date, on the 1st day of the preceding month or elected date pay the monthly subscription fee.

5.4. The Subscriber shall not be entitled to set off or deduct any amount from or adjust the Subscription Fees due to KUDOUGH under this Agreement by reason of any claim whatsoever. The Subscriber acknowledges that it is not entitled to withhold any payment of the Subscription Fees due to KUDOUGH by reason of any alleged breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by KUDOUGH or for any other reason whatsoever.

5.5. KUDOUGH reserves the right to amend or vary the Subscription Fees upon 30 (thirty) days prior written notice of such increase, provided that no such increase in the Subscription Fees shall occur in the event of an annual subscription that has been paid in full in advance.

5.6. In the event of an annual subscription the Subscriber will be entitled to a reduced fee which will be payable in advance.

5.7. By entering into this Agreement the consumer consents to a debit order for the product/s they are purchasing.

5.8. You warrant that the bank account and/or other details given for payment purposes are true and correct, and that the authority given to us or our designated payment processing service providers to process payments by you is valid.

5.9. Should the Subscriber fail to make any payment as envisaged in this Agreement, KUDOUGH shall without prejudice to any other rights that KUDOUGH may have and without notice to the Subscriber be entitled to suspend the Subscriber’s access and use of the KUDOUGH Service.

5.10. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and no credit balance will be given as change
5.11. Refunds will not be processed to customers or subscribers that fail automatic verification, the customer will be required to provide a copy of their Identity document and Proof of residence before they have access to the KUDOUGH credit report



6.1. KUDOUGH (“the Sub-contracting Party”) shall be entitled to sub-contract certain of its rights and obligations, under this Agreement to third parties (“Sub-contractors”) on the same terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

6.2. The Sub-contracting Party shall procure that each of its Sub-contractors shall adhere to and observe the provisions of this Agreement as if such Sub-contractor were a party to it and as if the obligations of the Sub-contracting Party under this Agreement were such Sub-contractor’s own obligations, and any act or omission of each such Sub-contractor which would constitute a breach by the Sub-contracting Party under this Agreement if the Sub-contracting Party had so acted or omitted shall be construed and interpreted as a breach by the Sub-contracting Party.


7.1. It is recorded that, by virtue of their association with each other in terms of this Agreement, the Subscriber will have access to KUDOUGH’s Confidential Information and trade secrets.

7.2. Having regard to the facts recorded in 7.1 and in order to protect the proprietary interests of KUDOUGH in its trade secrets and Confidential Information, the Subscriber agrees to keep confidential all of the trade secrets and Confidential Information that comes within its possession/knowledge from KUDOUGH, for as long as this Agreement continues in force and in perpetuity, after it terminates.

7.3. Accordingly, the Subscriber undertakes that it will not, directly or indirectly –

7.3.1. use, copy, disseminate or in any other manner whatsoever deal with any such Confidential Information; and

7.3.2. divulge or disclose any such Confidential Information to any third party whatsoever.


8.1. The Subscriber acknowledges that KUDOUGH is the exclusive proprietor of all IP related to the KUDOUGH Service (“KUDOUGH IP”) and the Subscriber’s right to use the KUDOUGH IP is limited to their Subscription, in accordance with this Agreement.

8.2. The Subscriber shall not do or permit to be done any act or thing which will result in the reduction of the value of the KUDOUGH IP or which will detract from such value, or result in the dilution or loss of distinctiveness of the KUDOUGH IP.

8.3. Any and all new IP belonging to KUDOUGH and used from time to time by the Subscriber with the approval of KUDOUGH from time to time shall fall within the definition of KUDOUGH IP for all purposes of this Agreement.

8.4. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the KUDOUGH IP and its associated goodwill belongs to and shall always remain vested in KUDOUGH and all use of the KUDOUGH IP shall be deemed to be used by KUDOUGH and shall accrue to the exclusive benefit of KUDOUGH and nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as conferring upon the Subscriber any right or interest in the KUDOUGH IP (otherwise than as an authorised user as contemplated in this Agreement).

8.5. All Intellectual Property rights not expressly dealt with in this clause 8 are reserved.


9.1. Save as specifically provided in this Agreement, KUDOUGH and its Subcontractors make no representations or warranties in relation to the KUDOUGH Service.

9.2. KUDOUGH and its Subcontractors are not liable and will not be liable under any circumstances, for any loss damage, costs, expense or injury (including without limitation direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential loss, loss of profit or anticipated savings or damages) which loss, damage, cost, expense or injury was as a result of or which may result from –

9.2.1. the Subscriber’s use of the KUDOUGH Service;

9.2.2. unintentional mismatch of information;

9.2.3. any of the information or advice provided by KUDOUGH’s representatives and its Subcontractors, in rendering the KUDOUGH Service;

9.2.4. any information or advice being incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect in any respects;

9.2.5. any mistake, omission, interruption, delay, error, and/or defect whether human or mechanical, occurring in the course of rendering the services to the Subscriber; and/or

9.2.6. any downtime, outage, interruption in or unavailability of the services attributable to any cause whatsoever, including without limitation – repairs and maintenance; any interruption or loss of the services attributable to any other public or private network operator, content provider, database provider, or service provider; and/or any instance of force majeure.

9.3. Any loss, damage, cost, expense or injury for which KUDOUGH’s and its Subcontractors liability is not excluded in terms of 9.2 above will be limited to direct loss only (not any indirect, special or consequential loss).

9.4 The Subscriber exempts and indemnifies KUDOUGH for the non-intentional mismatch of information which may occur in which event KUDOUGH undertakes to retrieve new data from the bureau


10.1. Should either Party breach any provision of this Agreement and fail to remedy such breach within 7 (seven) days after receiving written notice requiring such remedy, then the other Party shall be entitled, without prejudice to its other rights in law including any right to claim damages, to cancel this Agreement or to claim immediate specific performance of all of the defaulting Party’s obligations whether or not otherwise then due for performance. Notwithstanding the aforegoing, if the breach constitutes repudiation, the other Party shall not be required to give notice requesting the remedy thereof before cancelling this Agreement.

10.2. Notwithstanding clause 10.1, if the Subscriber fails to pay any premium due in advance the Subscriber’s access to the Product will lapse until the payment is made. In the event of “insufficient funds” when a debit order placed KUDOUGH will automatically run the debit order again 3 (three) days later and if there is still insufficient funds then all services and this agreement will lapse.

10.3 If the Subscriber after purchasing a voucher wishes to cancel the voucher KUDOUGH will refund the costs of the voucher less transaction fees and merchant commission which may be applicable at the time of the cancellation by the Subscriber.

10.4 In the event of an annual Subscriber who has paid the reduced annual fee in advance, the Subscriber is entitled to termination of this agreement on 20 (twenty) days written notice to KUDOUGH. In this event the Subscriber will be entitled to a refund at the full price and not at the reduced rate he qualified for when he paid for the Annual subscription.

10.3 If this Agreement is terminated by KUDOUGH in terms of the provisions of clause 10.1 as a result of the Subscriber’s breach of the provisions of this Agreement, the Subscriber shall –

10.3.1. immediately pay to KUDOUGH all Subscription Fees for the services provided up to and including the actual date of cancellation plus a cancellation fee equal to the remainder of all monthly payments payable for such cancelled services that would have become due for the unexpired portion of the Initial Period; or

10.3.2. forfeit any pre-paid annual Subscription Fees, upon termination of this Agreement.

The provisions of this clause shall however, not in any way limit any other rights KUDOUGH may have against Subscriber in terms of this Agreement or the law.

10.4 If this Agreement is terminated by the Subscriber in terms of the provisions of clause 10.1 in any Subsequent Period, as a result of KUDOUGH‘s breach of the provisions of this Agreement, the Subscriber shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the Subscription Fees, calculated from the month of termination to the expiry date of the Initial or Subsequent Period.

10.5. If this Agreement is terminated by KUDOUGH in terms of the provisions of clause 10.1, prior to the expiration of the Initial Period or any Subsequent Period, as a result of the Subscriber’s breach of the provisions of this Agreement, the Subscriber shall not be entitled to any refund of the Subscription Fees


11.1. If KUDOUGH is prevented from carrying out any of its obligations under this Agreement as a result of a Force Majeure Event, then those obligations shall be deemed to have been suspended to the extent that and for so long as KUDOUGH is so prevented from fulfilling them and the corresponding obligations of the Subscriber shall be suspended to the corresponding extent.

11.2. In the event that obligations hereunder are suspended as envisaged in 11.1 then KUDOUGH shall promptly notify Subscriber in writing of such Force Majeure Event and such notice shall include an estimation of the approximate period for which the suspension in terms of clause 11.1 will endure (such estimate shall not be binding on KUDOUGH


12.1. For the purpose of all or any proceedings hereunder the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court, notwithstanding that such proceedings are otherwise beyond its jurisdiction. This clause shall be deemed to constitute the required written consent conferring jurisdiction upon the said court pursuant to section 45 of the Magistrates' Court Act, 1944, provided, nevertheless, that KUDOUGH shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to institute such proceedings in the High Court of South Africa and, in such event, the subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of the said court.

13.1. The Parties choose domicilium citandi et executandi (“Domicilium”) for all purposes relating to this Agreement, including the giving of any notice, the payment of any sum, the serving of any process, as per clause 12 of this agreement.

13.2. The subscriber -

The physical address where the Subscriber resides, from time to time, as declared by the Subscriber to KUDOUGH when concluding this Agreement.

13.3. Either Party shall be entitled from time to time, by giving written notice to the other, to vary its physical Domicilium to any other physical address (not being a post office box or poste restante) within the Republic of South Africa, and to vary its facsimile to any other facsimile number.

13.4. Any notice given by either Party to the other which is successfully transmitted by facsimile to the Addressee’s facsimile Domicilium for the time being shall be deemed (unless the contrary is proved by the Addressee) to have been received by the Addressee on the day immediately succeeding the date of successful transmission thereof.

13.5. This clause 13 shall not operate so as to invalidate the giving or receipt of any written notice, which is actually received by the Addressee other than by a method referred to in this clause 13.

13.6. Any notice in terms of or in connection with this Agreement shall be valid and effective only if in writing and if received or deemed to be received by the Addressee.


14.1 The subscriber shall not cede any of his/her rights nor delegate any of his/her obligations hereunder.

14.2 KUDOUGH shall be entitled to cede and transfer or delegate to any third party at its absolute discretion all or any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement.

15.1 This Agreement is the whole agreement between the Parties, who/which acknowledge that they have not been induced to enter into this Agreement by any representations or warranties, other than those set out or contained herein.

15.2 No representations or warranties shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and contained herein.

15.3 No alteration, amendment, variation or consensual termination of this Agreement shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by each of the Parties.

15.4 If any provision hereof is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed to be pro-non scripto, but without affecting, impairing or invalidating any of the remaining provisions of this Agreement which shall continue to be of full force and effect.

16. Waiver

No waiver of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement will be binding for any purpose unless expressed in writing and signed by the Party giving the same, and any such waiver will be effective only in the specific instance and for the purpose given. No failure or delay on the part of either Party in exercising any right, power or privilege will operate as a waiver, nor will any single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power or privilege.


The Subscriber hereby nominates, constitutes and appoints KUDOUGH with power of Substitution, to be his/her lawful Attorney and Agent in his/her name, place and stead, to represent him/her in all financial and legal dealings with his/her creditors, credit bureau and any other relevant party to whom he/she may be contractually bound, in respect of facilitating the debt review process and re-structuring his/her credit obligations and generally for effecting the purposes as aforesaid, to do or cause to be done whatsoever shall be requisite, as fully and effectually, for all intents and purposes, as he/she might or could do if personally present and acting herein - hereby ratifying, allowing and confirming and promising and agreeing to ratify, allow and confirm all and whatsoever his/her said Attorney and Agent shall lawfully do, or cause to be done, by virtue of these presents.


In compliance with section 43(1) of the Electronic communications and Transaction Act 25 of 2002 (“ECT Act”), your attention is drawn to the following:

  • Full name and legal status: Kudough Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd, trading as Kudough a private company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa;
  • Registration number: 1998/002263/07;
  • Place of registration: South Africa
  • Registered physical address: IDM House, 22 Leeuwen Street, Cape Town, 8001
  • Telephone number: 0860 999 0952
  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Physical address for receipt of legal documents: IDM House, 22 Leeuwen Street, Cape Town, 8001
  • Manner of payment: electronically by credit card or debit order



The Subscriber is referred to the attached “KUDOUGH PRODUCT GUIDE” AND “PRODUCT PURCHASED”

Kudough Products and Service


Product Description

Once Off Kudough Report:

  • Website access is unlimited through use of username and password
  • Comprises data from 3 credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, Compuscan or XDS credit bureaus
  • Data will only be retrieved once from the stated bureaus
  • Tools: ONLY the mini debt assessment will be accessible
  • Discounted Partners: No access to discounted partners

Kudough Monthly Subscription

  • Website access is unlimited through use of username and password
  • Comprises data from 3 credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, Compuscan or XDS credit bureaus
  • Data will only be retrieved once per month from the stated bureaus after successful payment
  • Tools: all system tools will be accessible
  • Discounted Partners: Full access to all discounted partner


Kudough Quarterly Subscription

  • Website access is unlimited through use of username and password
  • Comprises data from up to 4 credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, Compuscan or XDS credit bureaus
  • An upfront report fee is charged and thereafter a reduced monthly fee in line with the bureaus selected
  • Data will only be retrieved once per quarter from the stated bureaus after successful payment
  • Tools: all system tools will be accessible
  • Discounted Partners: Full access to all discounted partner

Kudough Annual Subscription:

  • Website access is unlimited through use of username and password
  • Comprises data from up to 4 credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, Compuscan or XDS credit bureaus
  • Data will only be retrieved once per month for the duration of the term
  • Tools: all system tools will be accessible
  • Discounted Partners: Full access to all discounted partner

Cost of Service

  • Fees vary based on bureaus selected and may fluctuate from time to time.
  • All fees are inclusive of VAT.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit order
  • Voucher

Value added products

Legal Assist which comprises of telephonic legal advice 24/7 including a 30-minute free referral to an attorney on the panel and a free letter of demand as well as access to Standard contracts

*If you are a monthly/annual Subscriber to the Kudough Service you are entitled to the following at no extra charge: 

  • Legal Assist is a 24-hour telephonic advice line manned by qualified in-house lawyers who provide guidance on all personal legal matters

# As a monthly/annual Subscriber you may also purchase the following:

  • Identity theft protection at R20.00 per month 

Debt Counsellor Service

  • If you qualify for debt counselling, a debt counsellor from our approved panel will render the following services in accordance with the tariffs prescribed by the National Credit Regulations (which are available upon request):
  • The Fee does not include the “restructuring fee, “after care fee” or any legal fees, but does include the “application fee”.
  • Only the Subscriber can access this service. Should a joint debt review process be in order, such other person (other than the Subscriber) will be required to pay the subscription fee.

Credit Coach Service

  • All advice is provided telephonically but should the Subscriber require a consultation with a Credit Coach, such arrangement must be made in advance and the Subscriber will be liable for Consultation fees `
  • Credit Coach is available to the Subscriber only. Settlement values cannot be guaranteed and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. KUDOUGH is not liable for any additional charges that a Credit Provider may institute against the Subscriber. KUDOUGH will correct all incorrect information with all Credit Bureaus, within the time negotiated with all Bureaus, the maximum timeframe being 20 working days from the date on which all correct documentation has been received


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