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They say that the only sensible thing to do with information is to act on it. This is where you do it. We give signed-up members a range of tools to plan, create and live their ultimate potential.

Here's what you get
On the go and need quick access to your credit report, log onto now ...See more here
Your dashboard is your online view of your credit world and drills all the way down into information you probably didn’t know existed. It’s your first port of call every time you log in to see instantly how you are tracking ...See more here
Free to everyone and a great way to see how you are managing your debt, income and expenses. Did I mention it’s free! ...See more here
Kudough brings you another first, the only Status Simulator in South Africa. Use the status bars and see what it would take to be the Status you could be. Hey, we could all be a little better! ...See more here
Ever wondered what identity thieves do with your information, well we have. The Kudough Identity Risk Manager will evaluate the use of your personal information in the credit industry and notify you to irregularities before real damage can be done. ...See more here
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